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Impressions of volunteers

Jadranka Marijanović (Kiseljak) ¨I spent a beautiful week with nice people from Italy and Bosnia and Hercegovina as well. It was worth it to see the faces of children and elderly people when they realised that someone is spending their time with them. They also made me a happier and a grateful person. Because of the Foundation “Il Giardino delle Rose Blu” I had a chance to partcipate in several of camps like this one. I have always had positive experiences and I am looking forward to our next meeting

Irena Pejak (Kreševo) ¨We are supposed to look into the World with our eyes wide open to realise that only the people who made someone else feel better can make themselves feel better.¨

Gabrijela Brkić (Rama) ¨Everyone is a blue rose sometimes.¨

Stjepan Filipović (Rama) ¨It was a really good experience.¨

Karlo Zeljko (Mostar) ¨This has been my third year volunteering and every year something new and inspiring happens. I have seen all kinds of human misery, pain, sorrow and misfortune but in all that comes a great hope and a trace of happiness. I have realised that with our healthy eyes we are blind, and that we close our hearts in the places they should be open the most. Happiness is found in the small things like health, and everything else comes on its own. The experience of volunteering for the people in biggest needs is an experience of true values and an encounter with the Word of God.

Filip Blažić (Sarajevo) ¨If you open your heart, volunteering will fulfill it with joy, new friendships and beautiful memories. It doesn’t matter who or what you are, because together and with small acts of kindness we can help anyone.

Leon Krajinović (Kiseljak) ¨Really incredible 7 days of my life. This experince was one of the best experiences in my life,all the positive people,great atmosphere and of course for me the most important part, the good music. Things that I saw in recent days made me realizehow actually happy I am,how a good life I have. Those things helped me realize how sometimes I am unpleased . But why is that so? I have everything, not evrything in the material way,but everything I ever needed – a healthy family and that’s all i need.

Osman Mustafić (Brčko) ¨This has been 7 incredible days of my life. I’ve met a lot of nice and amazing people. Fondation ¨Il Giardino delle Rose Blu¨ has taught me that it only takes so little to make someone happy. Being a volunteer was and still is one of the greatest experiences in my life.¨

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